Sampoorna Hrudhaya Sudhikaranam or Heart Disease Reversal Programs

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Sampoorna Hrudhaya Sudhikaranam is Heart Disease Reversal programs that helps treating ischemic vascular diseases, Chest Pain (Angina), Heart Failure and Plaque stabilization.

Chronic Heart Disease can happen due to unhealthy lifestyle and diet, genetic factors, and other lifestyle disorders such as obesity, and diabetes. 360° Sampoorna Ayurveda’s non-invasive heart treatments are designed to prevent and treat complex heart disease at different stages of the disease. These evidence-based researched treatments help patients to not only heal their condition, but also strengthen the heart and improve quality of life.

360° Sampoorna Ayurveda’s SHS programs allow specialists to use cutting-edge technology to recommend specialized diets, physiotherapy, and lifestyle modifications to patients in order to offset the risk of heart disease. The main focus is controlling the risk factors of heart disease and prevent its further progression into full blown heart disease.


360° Sampoorna Ayurveda’s SHS heart disease reversal programs cover treatments for patients with all stages of heart disease and even previously undiagnosed patients with high risk of developing heart disease.


The treatments are target driven and help improve the VO2max levels and MET value of patients which results in an increased exercise tolerance, reduced risk of chronic heart failure or heart attack, and improved quality of life.



Our Approach


Modern Diagnostics

Modern diagnostics ensure that critical parameters and vitals of each patient are accurately assessed for further prognosis.


A researched diet designed scientifically for portion-controlled food intake that helps in optimally achieving the minimum energy requirement of the body.

Oral Medications

Oral herbal medicines that cause no side effects are used to increase blood supply to the heart.

Advanced Ayurveda

Ayurvedic procedures like Centripetal Oleation, Thermal Vasodilation, Thoracic Drip, Per Rectal Drug Administration and Oral Therapy that form the core of the heart disease reversal treatments.

Continual Expert Care

Our patient care and hand holding extends even after the completion of treatment where patient care executives and experts are at your disposal if required.

How it works

Various Sampporna Hrudhaya Suddhikaranam Programs


A part of Advanced SHS Therapy program to strengthen the heart and prevent heart disease. Ideal for people with the family history of heart disease.

Preventive Cardio Care Therapy is designed to remove deep rooted stress and toxins that causes heart disease from the body to minimize the chances for lifestyle disorders to occur with increasing age. SHS works best for people who want to improve their routine energy levels and get rid of symptoms such as tiredness (fatigue), trouble in sleeping, shortness of breathing, stable and unstable angina etc.



A part of Advanced SHS Therapy program to the improve blood flow to heart through natural vasodilation and improving endothelial function. Ideal for people having symptoms of Chest Pain and Coronary Artery Disease.

Ischemic Reversal Program is designed for improving the blood flow to the heart. Lacj of blood supply to the heart can often cause heart attacks and is common in smokers, overweight individuals, people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetics. Ischemic Reversal Program aims to reduce the risk of heart attack & increase exercise tolerance levels to improve quality of life.



A part of Advanced SHS Therapy program for stabilizing the artery blockage and reduce the risk of damage to heart. Ideal for patient who are advised for or had already undergone angioplasty and/or bypass surgery.

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) management focuses on stabilizing the plaque (blockage) in order to avoid further complication. The plaque can cause damage to heart or other organs if it ruptures. It can even become fatal. CAD Management aims to improve the quality of life of the patients who have blockage or have undergone angioplasty and/or bypass surgery.



A part of Advanced SHS Therapy program to improve the heart function and blood pumping capacity. Ideal for patients with reduced blood flow to heart & irregular heartbeats.

Heart Failure Reversal Therapy (HFRT) helps in increasing the heart function and its ability to pump more blood. Patients with explicit symptoms of reduced blood flow to heart, low exercise tolerance or patients having undergone heart attack, Coronary Artery Disease, heart valve defect have been benefited from heart failure reversal therapy.